What Are Travel Points

You can earn travel related rewards and points for using your credit cards when you travel. These extra points or miles is precisely what makes so many people get additional credit cards in hopes of maximizing the points.

There are three options that come with this.

  1. Fixed points
  2. Transferable points
  3. Co branded cards

Fixed value points are the simplest out of the three. The best thing about them is that you always know what you can get. There are zero surprises when it comes to using these points. On top of this, you earn points on all flights that you book, which is what helps maintain the elite status.

Transferable points are what you avail rewards from various alliances and partners. Airline rewards are usually not attached to the amount that you pay on a ticket. If you know how to work with the system, you can easily avail what would have been expensive travel tickets for a low quantity of miles.

Co branded cards do not have the flexibility to be transferred to alliances and partners like transferable points. Co branded cards are the ones that usually get you benefits on free checked bags, lounge access, elite miles, etc.

Different Ways to Accumulate Miles

Using credit cards is not the only way one can gather airline miles. You can accumulate these points by doing things like shopping, eating out, etc. Most people do not fly that often, but they do save up on some pretty impressive rewards which they avail for a vacation, for instance. Here are some of the different ways you can gather these miles that do not involve you boarding a plane.

  1. You can earn points on availing dining programs that are airline specific. The points you earn spending your money here is to promote the utility and consumer base of such programs.
  2. Use airlines that have bonus options so that you can use their programs as portals to sites like Best Buy or Target. There is a proper list of such bonuses online.
  3. You might want to research on different financial institutions and the perks they offer. For example, banks will provide customers miles just for opening a new account with them. Fidelity is one such organization to award you with these if you invest with them.
  4. Most people do not know that you can even earn miles for filling out feedback forms and participating in surveys online. Emiles is the best example of this. To stack on some extra points, just answer a few questions.

Which Credit Card Should You Pick For Most Rewards

The best way to pick a credit card is not by the rewards it offers but by what you need it for. A card that doesn’t help you with your spending but gets you great points is not exactly a very beneficial credit card.